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Please follow these simple Guidelines:

1- We have a strong anti-spam retaliation policy so please dont join with the motive of spamming your site or your chat application
2- Abuse is not tolerated at all and the staff has the authority to ban you or even block your ip range
3- This site doesnt support distribution or endrosement of child porn even in the most private clubs, failing to comply with this will result into punitive as well as legal action
4- We dont entertain multiple nicknames(spaming) as it endroses the spammer or an ulterior motive act. We can easily trace if you have more than 1 id(spaming)
5- Internet is a heaven for fraudulents and mobile web is no different.
Uploading or sharing links of an intimate personal video or a photo is highly discouraged.
7- Hacking is a crime, and there are provisions to prosecute the offenders. We comply with the Indian Cyber Law and also The Federal Code. More details can be found inside.
8- Mobile web is the most unsecure type of communication system, it is possible to eventually trace your phone number so pleaase dont try anything illegal Never provide your real address, phone number, credit card details etc.
Racially motivated texts and actions are seen upon as acts of derogatory nature.
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Sunday, 22 October 2017, 10:58:17 PM
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